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What Is Freemasonry?

We are a unique organisation with no political or religious affiliations. For over 300 years we have welcomed members from all ages, races, religions, cultures and backgrounds, to take part in ceremonies, help with charitable work, meet and dine together, making lifelong friends and having fun.

What are our Values

INTEGRITY: Rather than working on buildings like masons of old, today's Freemasons focus on building rgemselves as people of integrity, and membership provides structure to help achieve that goal.

FREINDSHIP: One of the oldest social organisations in the world, Freemasonary is not defined by ideology. It is open to people from all religions and political persuasions and provides the common foundation for friendships between members, many of which last for life.

RESPECT: With membership of more than 150,000 people drawn from communities across the UK, Freemasonry brings people together irrespective of their race, religion or any othe perceived differences that can divide us as a society.

SERVICE: Whether participating in events, fundraising for a charitable cause or volunteering for public or community organisations, service is at the very heart of Freemasonry. Our members make valuable contibutions by donating time, resouces and skills.

CHARITY: is in a Freemason's DNA. it is the focus of our initiation ceremony and its importance and vitues are the first leson a newly made Freemason learns.

At Teme Lodge in Knighton & Presteigne, we welcome new members and interested parties from across the local area and beyond.

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Why become a Freemason?

If you are looking for a secretive network or an exclusive club, you have come to the wrong place! For people interested in finding out what is Freemasonry, our only big secret is making great friends, learning how to become better people, and continuing the traditions of charity and integrity that have been the hallmark of the Freemasons for the last three centuries. We are open, transparent, and respectful.

With more than 200,000 members across the UK, we provide a supportive structure to enable our members to contribute to the community in a meaningful and authentic way. As an organisation, we aim to cement our reputation as a force for good in society at large and give people a great option for a thriving compassionate and charitable organisation to join.





What Do Freemasons Do?

Lodge meetings are typically held in two parts. The first involves more administrative procedures, such as proposing and balloting for new members and receiving news about charitable fundraising.

The second part focuses on ceremonies, which might relate to areas such as the admittance of new members or the installation of the Master of the Lodge and his officers – a process made up of three degrees, or stages, each one marked by a special ceremony.

True to the sense of friendship and togetherness among Freemasons, meetings are also social events, providing an occasion for members to dine together. Outside of the Lodge, activities include community fundraising and volunteering activities as well as a varied programme of events where spouses, partners and families are welcome.

Over the years the Shropshire Province, which Teme Lodge is a member of, has raised millions of pounds for charitable causes in both Shropshire and the wider UK. We intend to continue making contributions to the community, both monetarily, and practically, for many years to come.

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Our Lodge

Teme Lodge Freemasons meet at Whitton Community Hall, in the Old School, Whitton, Knighton, LD7 1NP. We meet on the third Tuesday in the month, from September to April and the fourth Tuesday in October. We were established in 1921, and celebrated our centenary in the autumn of 2021, with 132 people from across the Masonic community dining and celebrating 100 years of Lodge history.

We intend to continue being part of and making contributions to the community for further centuries to come.